Respite Care


We provide support when you need it most

Many families in Northland have relatives who require full-time care at home. For many of these families, taking that person out of their home to be cared for is not possible. At Aide, we believe that caring for a senior or a person who requires more complex care is a labour of love, and that as the carer, you too need support. We deeply respect the job you are doing, as we know how hard it can be sometimes. We also know how important respite care is, in providing carers with regular breaks. This benefits everyone, as the carer returns to their post re-energised.

Taking time out

Caring for yourself while caring for others is integral to providing quality care. How can you fully care for someone if you are not looking to your own needs? Respite care ties in with our holistic approach as we give full-time carers the chance to step back and take some time out for themselves.

If you are currently caring for a relative or friend, then our respite care may be of interest to you. Aides’ respite care service offers the full time carer a well-earned break while our team provides the required support. We meet with you and the person you are caring for, where you are caring for them and discuss everyone’s needs. It allows the person being cared for to continue to live independently at home, ensuring continuity of care and the least disruption to their lives as possible.

It may be to support the carer for a specific number of days based on the clients assessed needs. It may be for an hour or two each week, as required. As with all Aide’s services, respite care is designed to be flexible. Day, evening, night or a combination, we can support complex or non-complex needs to support you, when you need it most.

You, as the carer can rest assured that your relative or friend is in the best of hands.  Our dedicated staff will ensure that your loved one is cared for with compassion, diligence and respect.

If you are a full-time carer for a senior person or a person who requires more complex care, contact us today.  Let Aide give you a break!