Rehabilitation/therapy and exercise


More than a taxi service!

This service is another way Aide can help you maintain your independence. If you are requiring rehabilitation support, or if you need help getting to your Green Prescription provider or attend a therapy appointment, then this service could benefit you or your loved one.

Our flexible rehabilitation/therapy and exercise service enables clients to attend beneficial classes at their local gym. This is more than a taxi service! Our community support workers drive the client to their gym and stay with them, offering companionship and full support with their exercises or therapy classes. We understand how traumatic it can be to recover from an injury, surgery or an illness, and we know that our clients often require more than just physical therapy. Providing this support to our clients during each session is invaluable.

Every day we see firsthand how this service provides our clients with the necessary reassurance and encouragement to get the best out of therapies they are receiving.  For many clients, especially our senior ones, going to a gym can be a daunting experience, particularly if they are experiencing discomfort.

At Aide, this extra care we pay each client is essential to our holistic approach. We aim to do all we can to identify our clients’ needs, and support them to remain independent for as long as is practicable.

We can also take you to your Green Prescription appointments. Ask your health provider such as GP or Practice nurse to inquire about how the Green Prescription service can help you achieve your goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This service not only benefits each client; it also helps their whanau/family too! Aide knows how hectic peoples’ lives can be these days, and that not everyone is able to help their loved one get to therapeutic appointments.  If your schedule prevents you from being able to assist a relative or friend with transport to their gym, then you can relax, knowing that they will receive the rehabilitation, therapy or exercise they need, without adding extra stress to your own hectic timetable.

We are here to help you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you or your loved one requires transport and support with rehabilitation, therapy and exercise, please do not hesitate to contact one of our dedicated team today!