Community Participation

Regain a sense of freedom!

Do you struggle with getting your weekly shopping done? Has travelling to and from the doctor become difficult for you? Do you have an elderly relative or family member who struggles with leaving their house because of minor health issues?

When we get older, participating in our community can often become a daunting challenge. Minor health issues such as failing eyesight and decreased mobility can hinder or even completely prevent us from living as we are used to. Merely leaving the house to do an errand is something many of the elderly in our community struggle with. This has a negative impact on them, as they can feel cut off and isolated from their own community.

This is why Aide’s community participation is an important aspect of Senior care. We believe in going the extra mile for the senior people in our community! That’s why we offer a service which provides transport to and from a range of varied and vital activities, ensuring that seniors still feel connected to their community.

Our staff genuinely care about each client they work with. We provide more than just a taxi service. If a client needs to do their weekly shopping, we will go into the shop with them and support them. This is particularly important when a client suffers from decreased mobility, or another minor health issue which makes simple tasks difficult. If a client needs to go to into town for any reason, we will accompany them and assist them if required.

We are also dedicated to building strong relationships with local businesses and organisations in order to make a wide range of services available to our clients. As part of our holistic approach we work in with other community services and organisations who also support the independence of our clients in the community.   We provide transport to and from many of these services and organisations.

So, don’t sit at home, feeling isolated! Contact Aide and let us reconnect you with your community again!